Well, there you go.

I took a long walk with the baby and came back to them having done my dishes and made our bed. And my aunt is buying and picking up dinner. And they cleared off the table and set it. And I had a chance to make a gluten free pound cake real quick and that made more dishes and I asked my mom to do them and she did.

Thanks, everyone. :)

Expectation vs Reality

I’ll admit I’m not really sure what I expected in regards to my mom (and aunt) being here to help, and I fully realize not having a clear idea of what I wanted/needed from them is likely part of the problem, but…this isn’t it.

I mean, it’s not going badly. Like at all. But I think maybe I thought they’d be taking more initiative or something? Like when my MIL comes over to help, she takes it upon herself to do small, helpful things like do the dishes, throw a load of laundry in the washer, and volunteer to hold the baby while we shower. My mom and aunt seem to just be waiting around for direction. Which I can appreciate and understand, like maybe they don’t want to overstep bounds or something. But I’m honestly too damn tired to have to come up with a list of shit I want or need done. They seem to be totally happy sitting on the couch under blankets binge-watching period dramas on Netflix. Which, again, is FINE. I get it. I’m mostly just sitting around, too. But I kinda hoped they’d be more like “Here, you sit and we’ll do your dishes and laundry and grocery shopping” and less “We’ll just sit here until you tell us what to do.”

I know, I know, I just need to get over it and tell them what to do, but that’s always been difficult for me. It’s nice to have someone hold the baby while I get some baking done and take long, hot showers, though. My mom is holding him now while I take a break to rant about her on the internet even.

Really, it’s not bad. They’re not being unhelpful by any means. This visit just isn’t quite what I thought it might be.

This guy.

He fell asleep at 12:15am and didn’t wake up again until 4:30am. He nursed a little, I got up and changed his diaper, he nursed back to sleep, all by 5am. Then he didn’t wake up again until 7:45am. Not to mention he was in a fabulous mood yesterday (aside from getting angry about having to be get in and out of his car seat a few times) and was being adorable at every turn.

I see a light at the end of the colic tunnel. \o/

My aunt and uncle are going out to dinner with my cousin and his friends tonight. We were all supposed to go out together, but my cousin is sick, so he can’t be near the baby. My mom was initially going to stay here, but then volunteered to go out with them so Haley and I could have some alone time. I immediately took her up on it. I think she’s annoyed because I know she doesn’t really what to go out with them. Oh, well! I’m so excited!



Sanjai, a 20-years old bull (male elephant), sees himself for the first time in front of a mirror. [x]



Elephants are incredible creatures bad I have so much love and respect for them!

(Source: memoriesofelephants)

How does one train themselves to nap?

I’m not a napper. Never have been. I have to be extremely exhausted or sick to sleep during the day. I would have thought having an infant that keeps you up at night would put me into that “extremely exhausted” category. It does, undoubtedly, but not when it comes to my ability to nap, apparently.

I was up for over 2 hours with him the night before last and didn’t nap yesterday. I’m going on being up for an hour with him now and at 2:30am, the night is still young(ish). I can pretty much guarantee a nap won’t be happening today, either.

But I’m so tired, I want to cry. I need naps in my life.

Happy to have family here, but already feeling overwhelmed. Would like a quiet evening alone with my wife and baby now.


A wave viewed from underwater


A wave viewed from underwater

That super awkward moment when your uncle asks you if you had to take out your nipple ring, which you haven’t had in 12 years and which you forgot he even knew about, to breastfeed your baby.